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Negotiations with the
Department of Environmental Protection

All the buildings in our care are monitored with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) equipment.
We evaluate the water consumption on a monthly basis and determine what is more advantageous for our client :

  • Either AMR (Automatically Metered Reading) OR
  • the Multipe Family Conservation Program (MCP) at $ 500 per apartment per year.

  • The following depicts some of our recent success stories:

    918 Morris Avenue, Bronx, New York

    November 2003:    We negotiate a refund of $379,552.81

    1007 Grant Avenue, Bronx, New York

    December 2002:     We obtain a refund of $224,392.46

    Ogden Apartments, Bronx, New York

    June 2003: 1390 Ogden Avenue is admitted to MCP, the Multiple Family Conservation Program. April 2004: 1360, 1372 and 1380 Ogden Avenue receive Meter Accuracy Tests and a DEP Leak Survey is undertaken. "Green Guru" Herb Abramowitz replaces Toilets and Showerheads to clear the way for the MCP application. December 2004: MCP is granted for 1360, 1372 and 1380 Ogden Avenue resulting in total annual savings of $63,000.

    900 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York

    November 2002: After not being billed previously, the Mid Bronx Senior Citizens Council is suddenly confronted with a DEP invoice of $488,315.05 for water charges over the past four years. March 2004: We apply for a refund based on the existence of Low Flow Toilets and Shower Heads. DEP grants $67,732.03.

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